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Voilé HD Mountaineer 3-pin

The Voilé HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Telemark Binding. Despite the ridiculously-long name, it’s as simple as a telemark binding can get: A 75mm Nordic Norm toe piece that mounts directly to the the ski and a barebones heel pad.

But wimpy, it ain’t. The toe box is constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum and machined almost identically as our 3-Pin Cable bindings. The three-level toe bail meets exactly the same specs as our other 3-Pin offerings and promises to take a licking and keep on clicking.
Obviously, its a binding that is more suited to covering distance than making turns. And it thrives when its snuggled up against the duckbill of a leather boot.
kr 1000

Voilé 3-pin Cable

Before the advent of compression spring cartridges, telemark binding designs relied on expandable springs to compensate for the rise in the heel when turning. Such springs were typically used in conjunction with some sort of flexible cable.

Enter the Voilé 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding. Introduced in 1989, the name is a bit of a misnomer. As with all Voilé tele bindings, there really is no cable in the conventional sense. Instead, a pair of long, rigid, coiled springs with hooks and a locking heel piece complete the necessary toe-to-heel loop. The springs expand ever so slightly with each telemark turn and can be easily adjusted on the heel end. It’s a design that has stood the test of time, and still is very popular with skiers who prefer the comfort and flex of leather and softer-plastic telemark boots.
kr 1800

Voilé 3-pin Kabel Traverse Riser 10mm

10mm Riser plate til Voile 3-pin kabel binding
kr 900

Voile GTS Strap 37cm Col. Green

Med Voile GTS stroppen kan du feste nesten hva som helst, god elastikk i reimen gjør den perfekt som skireim. Festestropp for utstyr på sekk, tau etc.
Metallspennen gjør stroppen ekstra solid!
Col. green 37cm lang.
kr 70

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