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CT Climbing Gear Bag

Carrying bag suitable to contain all the crampon models available in the catalogue.

Made of strong fabric, with Velcro closer and opening rings
kr 100

CT Climbing Ice Axe Head cover

Head cover protection, intended for protecting your gear during transportation, designed to fit onto any ice axe.
Vekt 40g
kr 150

CT Climbing Swhippy Y

Bicolour elastic sling to attach to ice axes:
new dual arm model with carabiners, equipped with a small swivel that prevents the slings twisting,;
designed for ice climbing without a leash, making it impossible to lose the ice axe;
the elasticity of the arms allows you to perform manoeuvres without hindrance.

Attention! Not to be used as a P.P.E.
This product is not intended for human support!
kr 600

Petzl Back Flex Bindings (Pair) Bakbinding Stegjern

Bakbinding for Petzl-stegjern, 2016-versjon.
kr 500

Petzl Back Lever Step-in Bakfeste

Petzl Step-in bakfeste for stegjern.
kr 450

Petzl CORD-TEC Replacement Cord

Reservetau i dyneema fra Petzl, kompatibel med Leopard LLF, Leoperd FL, Irvis Hybrid og Kit CORD-TEC stegjern.

Lengde: 0,7 m
kr 220

Petzl Elastic Strap

Elastiske stropper til Petzl stegjern for å justere rundt anklene. Laget for Leverlock Fil-bindingssystem.

Selges i par.

kr 200

Petzl Filflex Frontbinding

Frontfeste til stegjern fra Petzl.
Selges i par.
kr 450