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CT Climbing Roll n Lock

Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations.
Main technical features:
mobile side plates for the rope or on sling placement;
spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender;
sliding lock for use as a pulley;
ideal for the crevasse rescue;
it allows the hauling of light loads;
developed to work also on wet or dirty ropes;
it can be used to adjust the positioning on webbing or daisy chain.
Vekt 80g
Tau dimmensjon: 8-13mm
slynge dimmensjon: 10-16mm
kr 1100

Petzl Tibloc Tauklemme

Superlett tauklemme for bruk på tau i dimmensjon 8-11mm.

Vekt 35g
kr 330