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Beal Flat Tape 18mm

Slyngebånd Flattape pr. meter
Bruddstyrke 1600 kg
kr 25

Black Diamond 10 MM Dynex Runner 120 CM

An essential part of any alpine climber's rack, Black Diamond Dynex Runners are indispensable for building anchors, slinging natural features or extending placements to reduce rope drag. This highly abrasion-resistant, lightweight material won't weigh you down and absorbs less water than nylon, making it perfect for big routes and snowy or icy terrain. Each size is also color-coded for quick and easy identification on your harness.

•Dynex is highly abrasion-resistant, strong and lightweight
•Color-coded for easy size identification
kr 210

Cousin Anneau Sling 120cm Yellow

19mm sydd slynge langet av polyamid. Slyngen har en bruddstyrke på 2200daN
kr 180

Cousin Anneau Sling 19mm 60cm Orange

19mm sydd slynge i polyamid på 60cm.
Bruddstyrke på 2200daN.
kr 125

Cousin Anneau Sling 200cm Col. Black

19mm nylon slynge 200cm lengde.
bruddstyrke 2000daN
kr 200

Cousin Anneau Sling 26mm pr.m Col. Black

26mm nylon slyngebånd, selges pr. meter.
kr 25

CT Climbing Dynema slynge 11x 170mm

Lightweight and durable 11 mm Dyneema quickdraw sling
kr 50