Ski Trab

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Ski Trab Altavia 70

A model for skiers looking for fun uphill and downhill. Built according to the best SKI TRAB
technologies and where the introduction of the ATTIVO PROGRESSIVE SHAPE gives greater
benefits. Lightweight, Ease of Handling, Reliability, Performance. For stonger skiers.
Vekt 1,18 kg Svingradius 19,9m
kr 7500

Ski Trab Maximo 70

Exciting news here at SKI TRAB, a ski dedicated to fun, performance and safety on all types of snow. Thanks to the new Low Omega Profile technology steering and entry into and exit from turns is greatly enhanced. The skis is lightweight enough even for touring skiing.
Vekt 1,25kg (171cm) Sving radius18,5m (171cm)
kr 8000

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