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Black Diamond Mens Solution - Honnold Edition

Alex Honnold signatur modell!
Samme sele som Solution men med Honnold sin signatur på lårløkka
kr 1000

Black Diamond Mens Solution Guide Harness

Whether you’re in the Valley making a free bid on the Captain, or pounding out pitch after pitch at the Creek, the Solution Guide is purpose built for trad climbing. By utilizing an ultra-durable construction consisting of Super Fabric - an abrasion resistant fabric that’s infused with tiny guard plates—the Solution Guide can withstand day after day of rugged use. The durability is matched with uncompromised comfort, which is a result of a contoured fit and our Fusion Comfort Technology, which introduces three separate strands of low-profile webbing in both the fixed leg loops and waist to create superior load distribution while reducing pressure on sensitive points. With four pressure molded gear loops and a fifth gear loop for your extra kit, the Solution Guide is the ultimate trad climbing workhorse.

Ultra-durable construction built with Super Fabric
Lightweight waistbelt and leg loops with Fusion Comfort Technology™
Contoured fit for superior comfort and range of motion
Fixed leg loops
Four pressure-molded gear loops
Fifth gear loop for extra kit
Adjustable, releasable elastic risers
Vekt 394g
kr 1200

Black Diamond Momentum 4S Harness Package Unisex

Klatrepakke fra Black Diamond,
inneholder sittesele (unisex), kalkpose, kalkball, skrukarabin og taubrems.
Sitteselen har god polstring, en spenne på hver side i hoftebeltet og en spenne på hver lårløkke, noe som sikrer god justering og passform.
Finnes i størrelsene XS-M (omkrets hofte 66-89cm, omkrets lår 46-61cm) og L-XL (omkrets hofte 76-107cm, omkrets lår 53-69cm.
Fire utstyrsløkker med god plass til utstyr.
Klatreselen er mørk grå med lys grå sentralløkke.
kr 1000 kr 1500

Black Diamond Momentum DS Harness Package Col. Black

The ideal collection of climbing gear essentials, the Black Diamond Momentum DS Package provides the essentials to get you out on the rock, no questions asked. Our Momentum DS harness features a tall, super-comfortable waistbelt and four Speed Adjust buckles for fast adjustability and huge fit range, while the ATC-XP and RockLock Screwgate carabiner provide reliability and security while belaying and rappelling. A Mojo chalk bag and some White Gold round out your kit.
kr 1000 kr 1500

Black Diamond Wms Momentum Harness Package

With everything you need to get started in the gym or at the crag, the Women's Black Diamond Momentum Package is a complete, convenient package for all-around female climbers, featuring our most popular harness for all-around use.

Women's Momentum Harness
ATC-XP belay/rappel device
RockLock Screwgate carabiner
Mojo chalk bag
BD White Gold chalk
kr 1000 kr 1500

Black Diamond Wms Solution

For long days working your project when comfort can make or break a climb, the Black Diamond Solution Harness provides unequaled comfort. Fusion Comfort Technology™ introduces three separate strands of low-profile webbing, introducing superior load distribution while reducing pressure on sensitive points. Designed to fit the contours of your body, the Solution maximizes freedom of movement and comfort.

•Lightweight waistbelt with Fusion Comfort Technology
•Countoured fit for superior comfort and range of motion
•Four pressure-molded gear loops
•Adjustable, releasable elastic risers
•Women’s-specific rise and fit
kr 800

Black Diamond Wms Solution Harness Black-Octane

Lett og meget god sportssele til dame. Faste lårløkker og justering i livet.
kr 900

Black Diamond Wms Technician Rhone

Klatresele perfekt for trad og alpinklatring, samt sportsklatring.
Justerbare lårløkker. Robust materiale som tåler røff bruk hele året.
kr 1000