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POC Auric Blunck Ed.

POC Team Athlete Aaron Blunck Signature Ed.

The lightweight and highly ventilated Auric helmet has a durable ABS shell and a multi-impact EPP liner, which is strategically thicker in the most exposed areas. The Auric provides increased protection for the ears and temples and is compatible for use with a beanie and goggles underneath. The soft internal padding makes sure the helmet stays safe and comfortable in place and the padding can also be adjusted for ventilation. The Auric helmet has been developed in collaboration with POC team athlete Aaron Blunck.

Read more about the POC & Aaron Blunck Collaboration here

Picture disclimer: The Auric Blunck Signature Edition is black. White helmet pictures only show detail views. Eyewear and goggles are not included.
kr 500 kr 1400

POC Tectal Antimony Blue

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kr 2000

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