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Ortlieb Accessory Pack 9951

?What should you do with all those small, but important extras on your bikepacking tour? The best place to put your snacks, smartphone, rain slicker and other items is in your ORTLIEB Accessory-Pack. This convenient volume expander for your Handlebar-Pack keeps your things secure, absolutely waterproof and quickly accessible at all times.
Use the metal hooks to securely attach the Accessory-Pack to the four points of attachment on the Handlebar-Pack. And if you don’t plan on spending the night outdoors and don’t need your Handlebar-Pack, you can still use your Accessory-Pack as a handlebar bag thanks to its pre-mounted Velcro straps. You can even use the carrying strap to transform the lightweight bag into a shoulder or hip bag.
kr 600

Ortlieb Back-Roller City Col. White

Even without being in the great outdoors, the Back-Roller City give bikers greater flexibility. The bag can be used on both sides or as single pannier. Highly incandescent 3M Scotchlite material reflectors on the panniers’ sides give increased safety in traffic. The affordable basics can be upgraded with numerous accessories. This model is provided with edge protectors having slots for fixing the ORTLIEB pannier carrying system.

Further features:

suitable for rack diameters up to 16m | 8 mm and 11 mm inserts included | easy to clean
kr 1200

Ortlieb Barista Pepper


?Urban, classic, exclusive. Matching this description - and today‘s lifestyle bikes - is ORTLIEB‘s Barista handlebar bag. This urban-velo styled bag features tough PU laminated Cordura-cotton-mix with leather contrast details. Stylish and waterproof.

This bag offers space for smart phone, keys, papers etc. An internal organizer with key snap hook, pen slot and two pockets keeps things in place. The convenient magnetic flap allows quick and quiet access. The magnets open and close automatically and safely. Once unclipped from the handlebar, Barista becomes a stylish shoulder bag. Barista is supplied with the Ultimate6 mounting system (compatible with Rixen&Kaul).


Remove and stow away shoulder strap before biking.
kr 1950

Ortlieb Kartmappe D13


Find your bearings. The transparent map case protects your maps from moisture, mud, dirt and UV-light. Ideal for hiking, paragliding, canoeing or biking - your map is kept dry and readable from both sides. It may be carried around your neck or secured to your rucsac. Available in two sizes (L and XL).

Further features:

Waterproof roll-closure with Velcro | Neck cord with cord locks & snap hooks

Map Case XL:

Suitable for large format sea charts and sketches | Waterproof roll-closure with Velcro | Neck cord with cord locks & snap hooks
kr 250

Ortlieb Map-Case XL

Stor og meget god kartmappe.
Plasten stivner ikke om vinteren og holder kartet helt tørt i regnvær.
str. 50x35cm
kr 390

Ortlieb T-pack Black-Slate

Vanntett dorullholder, holder papiret tørt under hele turen ;)

Vekt 220g
kr 350

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Map-Case

Praktisk vanntett kartmappe fra Ortlieb, plass til 30x30cm kartblad. Blank.
kr 350

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