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Exped SynMat 7 LW

The SynMat 7 does not reach the insulating properties of a DownMat 7 but offers the same high comfort, low weight, durability, and small packed size. The synthetic microfiber insulation is less expensive than down. The warmth to weight ratio of our SynMat is superior to traditional sleeping mats.
kr 1800

Exped SynMat HL Duo M

Fyllmateriale: 60g/m² Texpedloft MicrofiberYttermateriale: 20D Polyester, TPU Polyether Film LaminatetR-verdi: 3,3Temperatur ned til: -6°CTykkelse: 7cmLengde: 183cmBredde: 105 - 82cmPakkstørrelse: 20x14cmVekt: 790g
kr 2900

Exped SynMat TT 9 M

Extremely robust and comfortable 4-season mat with Exped's radical new Tube Technology. Ideal for long-haul adventures and expeditions.

-25 °C
9 cm
183 cm
Shoulder Width:
52 cm
Foot Width:
52 cm
Weight Mat:
915 g
Weight Pump:
60 g
Weight Packsack:
22 g
kr 2600