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Black Diamond Hoodwire Carabiner Black

Karabiner med wiregate fra Black Diamond.
kr 140

Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron Carabiner Col. Black

Rocklock Magnetron Carabiner bruker magneter for å låse muffen, til forskjell fra en vanlig skrukarabin, hvor du selv må rulle muffen på plass for å låse.
Det er to magnetiske armer i gaten, som gjør at du enkelt klikker karabineren i lås. Ekstra stål i karabinerens nese sørger for god holdbarhet. Dette er en veldig sikker og enkel karabiner å bruke; låsemekanismen kan betjenes med kun èn hånd.

God karabiner for sikring, bygging av ankere og rappellering- og karabinerens magnetlås vil ikke gnage på slynger, slik en skrukarabiner med vanlig muffe kan gjøre.

Vekt: 87g.
kr 350

CT Climbing Accessory Pear kar. mix colour

Light alloy key ring connector.
Attention! Not to be used as a P.P.E.
kr 55

CT Climbing Axis HMS SG

Large HMS carabiner with wide opening and screwgate, made of hot-forged light alloy, designed for use in mountaineering, recovery manoeuvres and rescue operations.

Main technical features:
shape guarantees correct axial loading relative to rope and other devices;
large size and ample width to allow use of Munter hitch knot, the securing of more than one rope, slings or devices and rope manoeuvres in general;
accentuated double-T profile, for an excellent weight/load ratio;
lightened and shaped form for improved ease of holding;
catch-free closure to avoid accidental tangling during use.
Vekt 80g
kr 270

CT Climbing Fly-weight 5pk.

Packaging composed by five FLY-WEIGHT carabiners in five different colors (gold, orange, red, green and blue) suitable for assembling your own lightweight quickdraws of various length, or to use as carabiners for friends.
24g vekt pr stk.
kr 640

CT Climbing Fly-Weight Evo Ekspressett 12cm 5pk.

Ultra-light and compact quickdraws, only 60 g in the 12 cm version!
Ideal for multi-pitch route and multi-pitch sport climb, where weight makes a difference.

Equipped with extremely compact sized hotforged Fly-Weight carabiners with wire gate for easy rope insertion. The wire gate facilitates rope insertion and prevents the gate from oscillating in case of impact against the rock.

Thanks to hot forging, the light and crafted design, it allows for a better grip during maneuvers and the new form of the nose reduces the possibility of the rope and/ or the anchor getting caught during removal.

Equipped with a durable and lightweight 10 mm Dyneema sling and a new FIXIT rubber fastener on the lower carabiner that prevents rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear
kr 1480

CT Climbing GYM Promo set

Fixed quickdraw for climbing gyms and outdoor projects.

It is composed by:
a quick link for anchoring;
an ergonomic and robust variable width (25/16 mm) polyamide sling with CT promotional logo;
a hardened and zinc-plated steel carabiner, light alloy gate, and removable bar that allows for the replacement of a worn-out sling with catch-free nose.
kr 300

CT Climbing Key karabiner mix col.

Utstyrskarabiner til bruk på flaske eller lignende. Kan ikke brukes til klatring!
kr 80