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Black Diamond 100g Black Gold Loose chalk

Ny kalk fra BD denne absorberer fuktighet fra huden ennå bedre enn sine konkurrenter.
kr 180

Black Diamond 200g Black Gold Loose Chalk

Ny kalk fra BD med mye større opptak av fukt enn andre merker.
kr 300

Black Diamond Chalk Reserve Blue

The Black Diamond Chalk Reserve easily manages your extra chalk, with a lunchbag-inspired design that provides leak-free storage and a spot to store your chalk bag while on the go.

Roll top and seal
kr 100

Black Diamond Gym Chalk Bag Col. Green

To keep chalk dust to a minimum, many gyms require climbers to use a chalk ball. Don't worry, the Gym Chalk Bag has you covered. With an integrated, refillable chalk ball, a brush holder and a slot for your lead certification tag, this bag is tailor-made for indoor sessions and can clip directly to your harness or you can opt to use the included chalk bag belt.
•Integrated, refillable chalk ball
•Comes with chalk bag belt and can clip directly to your harness
•Slot for lead certification tag
•Brush holder
kr 350

Black Diamond Mojo Kids Chalk Bag Col. Macaw

Kalkpose til barn i spreke farger!
Kalkposen er laget av overskuddssmaterialer som normalt ville havnet på søppeldynga.
kr 180

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot Col. Red

The Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot is the ultimate bouldering essential, with a stable design and magnetic closure to minimize accidental chalk dumps. Brush holders are compatible with a variety of brush sizes, a zippered pocket easily accommodates your phone and keys, and a roll top seal manages chalk when you shove the Mondo into your pack on the hike out. The "repo" or "assorted" color is built from repurposed fabric scraps from our sewing factory and comes in assorted colors.
kr 400

Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk 300g

Our white chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring maximum grip no matter how hot or humid it gets.

Improves grip for better climbing performance
Comes as loose chalk
kr 150

CT Climbing Clippy Evo Chalkbag Belt Green

Clip-on webbing belt for chalk bags.
Made from strong polyester and fully adjustable.
kr 100