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CT Climbing Eclipse Helmet White

Multipurpose helmet for women and children designed for mountaineering, climbing, vie ferrate and adventure parks.

close-fitting form designed for smaller heads (babies and women);
light and comfortable, with good ventilation thanks to the many openings present in the shell;
adjustable for different head circumferences;
light ABS outer and internal expanded polyester shell;
front headtorch attachment;
choice of two different internal padding materials: absorbent material (Ref. No. 6X959 **A);
washable non-absorbent padding (Ref. No. 6X959 **B) to guarantee better hygiene and facilitate washing, for frequent use in adventure parks and climbing schools.
Vekt: 300g
kr 750

CT Climbing Galaxy Helmet White/Blue

All-round mountaineering helmet, recommended for ice climbing, sport climbing and via ferrata.

Main technical features:
ergonomic shell design;
lightweight, comfortable and excellent ventilation provided by adequate aeration slots;
equipped with 4 headlamp clips;
fully adjustable and suitable for men, women and children;
lightweight shell made of ABS and inner-lining made of expanded polystyrene;
comfortable foam with a quick-dry and washable fabric;
compatible with the VISOR G.
Vekt: 350g
kr 800