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CT Climbing GYM Promo set

Fixed quickdraw for climbing gyms and outdoor projects.

It is composed by:
a quick link for anchoring;
an ergonomic and robust variable width (25/16 mm) polyamide sling with CT promotional logo;
a hardened and zinc-plated steel carabiner, light alloy gate, and removable bar that allows for the replacement of a worn-out sling with catch-free nose.
kr 300

CT Climbing Lime Set Dyneema 22cm Col. Silver

Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio and mixed and versatile combination, ideal for on-sight climb.

Equipped with classic shape carabiners. Upper carabiner with straight gate and catch-free nose; Lower carabiners with wire gate facilitates rope insertion and prevents oscillation in case of impact against the rock.

Equipped with a lightweight and durable 11 mm Dyneema sling and a new FIXIT rubber fastener on the lower carabiner that prevents rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear
kr 280

CT Climbing Nimble EVO Set 12cm

Extremely robust, ergonomic and lightweight quickdraw with elevated workloads, ideal for sport climbing, for intensive use and for working a route.

Equipped with ample sized, hot forged carabiners with catch-free closure for easy rope insertion/removal. Upper carabiner with the new best-grip gate; lower carabiner with a hot forged ergonomic gate.
kr 330

Mammut Wall Key Lock Express Set Col. Grey/Orange

Ekspres Sett av god kvalitet 10cm slynge.
kr 280