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CT Climbing er leverandør av klatreutstyr, produsert i Italia. 

CT Climbing produserer blant annet klatreseler, karabinere, tau, kamkiler og kiler, taubagger og sekker, trinser, isøkser, stegjern og egentlig alt du måtte trenge til klatretur – enten det er på stein, is eller Via Ferrata! For mer informasjon om CT Climbing, besøk deres nettside her.


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CT Climbing Accessory Pear kar. mix colour

Light alloy key ring connector.
Attention! Not to be used as a P.P.E.
kr 55

CT Climbing Alpinetour Light Ice Axe

Lightweight ice axe for classic alpinism and ski touring:
entirely made from anodized light alloy.
Vekt 385g ( 60cm )
kr 1200

CT Climbing Anthea wms Harness

Lightweight and versatile harness, developed for mountaineering, ice climbing and sport climbing.

It presents the following features:
New design with an ergonomic lumbar belt, without pressure points that provides excellent load distribution and optimum comfort of use and when sitting in the harness.
The new adjustable T shaped leg loops to provide an enhanced comfort when sitting in the harness.
Comfortable mesh3D interior, that ensures excellent breathability and quick drying.
Equipped with four new adjustable buckles in light alloy, for fast adjustment and an optimum adaptation to the body in various activities (mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, etc.).
Four large tapered gear loops for a better allocation of the equipment, and an extra two small gear loops located on the back for placing accessories and two slots to accommodate the carrying-tools carabiners (TRUCK) or hammer holster (HAMMER LODGE).
Belay loop extended and sizes of belt and leg loops specifically designed for female ergonomics.
Rear loop for the chalk bag.
kr 950

CT Climbing Ascent Harness new

All-around harness, especially developed for traditional and ice climbing.

Main technical features:
new design and new materials providing excellent comfort;
breathable quick-dry lining mesh;
strong and ergonomic structure which guarantees an excellent lumbar support;
4 adjustment buckles for a perfect fit;
4 large gear loops and two slots to accommodate the carrying-tools carabiners (TRUCK) or the hammer holster (HAMMER LODGE);
2 small gear loops for positioning the accessories;
new T-shaped leg loops to provide an enhanced comfort;
rear loop for the chalk bag;
available in Junior sized version XXS.
kr 900

CT Climbing Axis HMS SG

Large HMS carabiner with wide opening and screwgate, made of hot-forged light alloy, designed for use in mountaineering, recovery manoeuvres and rescue operations.

Main technical features:
shape guarantees correct axial loading relative to rope and other devices;
large size and ample width to allow use of Munter hitch knot, the securing of more than one rope, slings or devices and rope manoeuvres in general;
accentuated double-T profile, for an excellent weight/load ratio;
lightened and shaped form for improved ease of holding;
catch-free closure to avoid accidental tangling during use.
Vekt 80g
kr 270

CT Climbing Belay Station R 4A218

Belay station entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

It is composed of two plates (Ø 10 mm drilling hole), a linking chain and a lowering ring Ø 40 mm.
kr 450

CT Climbing BE-UP Belay Device green

Multiuse belay / abseil device with innovative and compact design (registered design), suitable for use with half, twin and single ropes for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climbing and trad routes. Intuitive and easy to use, the Be Up has a modular braking system to optimise braking with all types of rope and allow the auto-locking and independent belaying of two seconds.

Extreme flexibility permits:
effective belaying of the leader. The particular shape of the Be Up‘s body allows rope to be paid out fluidly, rapidly and without jams;
while belaying the leader on a multipitch route using two ropes, the Be Up lets you pay out one rope while the other is locked-off, Be Up is the only such device that lets you do this;
effective, modular braking of the rope: the “V” notches are specially designed to guarantee better braking control when arresting a fall, abseiling or bringing up seconds;;
the bringing-up of one or two seconds, with auto-locking and each second being belayed independently of the other (guide mode). The Be Up‘s special shape and the attachment ring built into the body allow you to bring up one or two seconds using twin or half ropes with Ø = 7.3 mm. You can continue to bring-up one second while the other is hanging with their rope locked-off in the Be Up;
the unlocking of the rope and lowering of one free-hanging second, without difficulty, with twin or half Ø = 7.3 mm ropes. Be Up is the only such device that lets you do this, simply by inserting a normal HMS carabiner in the unlocking hole;
rapidly switching from taking-in (guide mode) to belaying the leader, for leading through;
abseiling descents, keeping the ropes separate. The “V” notches allow you to effectively control the rate of descent, without twisting the ropes.

Construction details/specification:
light, extremely functional form, for the highest performance;
hot-forged body for strength;
attachment ring is part of body, easily identified to prevent errors of attachment;;
plasticised steel cable, so you can‘t drop the Be Up and to limit its movement during belaying.

kr 400

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