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Black Diamond Kids Momentum harness

Jr. klatresele med god polstring og passform. Selen er laget i de samme gode matrialene som voksen selen.
En størrelse, med god justering i liv og lår.
Liv: 56-69 cm
Lår: 41-51 cm
kr 550

CT Climbing Ascent Jr. sele

All-around harness, especially developed for traditional and ice climbing.

Main technical features:
new design and new materials providing excellent comfort;
breathable quick-dry lining mesh;
strong and ergonomic structure which guarantees an excellent lumbar support;
4 adjustment buckles for a perfect fit;
4 large gear loops and two slots to accommodate the carrying-tools carabiners (TRUCK) or the hammer holster (HAMMER LODGE);
2 small gear loops for positioning the accessories;
new T-shaped leg loops to provide an enhanced comfort;
rear loop for the chalk bag;
Passer for barn i alder 5 - 10 år
kr 800

Petzl MACCHU Sele Barn Col. Orange

With comfortable and adjustable waistbelt and leg loops, the MACCHU harness is ideal for sport climbing for children and adapts to the child's evolution in their practice. The ENDOFRAME Technology construction, identical to that of an adult harness, provides excellent weight distribution around the waistbelt and leg loops to ensure greater comfort. The two DoubleBack buckles on the waistbelt allow systematic centering of the tie-in points and ensure quick and easy adjustment. The colored connection loop allows a quick visual check of the belayer's connection point.
kr 483 kr 690